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About the Author

K.C Glass has been telling stories since she was old enough to talk. Then at the end of fifth grade, she discovered the magic of reading and her very first real-life dream took shape: she wanted to be an author.

She dabbled in writing all through life. Coming up with ideas and writing them down. Occasionally crafting one into a short story. She even spent hours in the library researching how to become published.

But she had to finish something before she could get published. So she sat down to finish her first novel. Ten years later she did, and then promptly put in the electronic equivalent of a drawer and moved on. Finally, in 2013 she finished her first really good book which was later published as Dragons’ Trust Book 1: Trusted under the name of Krista Wayment. And a little girls dream came true.

Writing isn’t the only thing that fills K.C.’s life. She also attended school for computer programming and has her own website development company. Some day she hopes to write a video game and share it with her fellow gamers.

K.C. Glass spends her time caring for a husband and two small children, running a business, and writing. When she finds some spare time in the cracks between all that she plays video games, board games, binge-watches TV, and of course, reads.

Fantasy and Science Fiction are K.C’s favorite genres to both read and write. When asked, she always chooses a dragon as the animal she would want to be. Because, they are cool, fly, and breathe fire. It seemed fitting that her first books were about dragons. Her latest book and the first book published as K.C. Glass covers the other end of the spectrum.

Xavier Howell and the Chaos Effect is a humorous science fiction book about a boy who seems to attract disaster. It is peppered with gems inspired by her love of many things, including Star Trek, Team Rocket, and even My Fair Lady.

K.C intends to branch out into other areas of writing. But one thing is for sure, when you start reading one of her books, you’ll have to leave this world behind …