Krista Wayment

If you think the name Krista Wayment sounds familiar, you’re probably right. I started my writing carrier using Krista Wayment as my name. But a lot has happened since.

The last three years of life has seen a lot of change for me. And through it all, I’ve had a few different names. So I decided it was time to get a fresh start and rebrand myself.

Thus was born K.C. Glass.

There are still elements of me in there. The “K” and “C” are part of my current name. And “Glass” . . . well I picked it because first of all, it sounds cool. But also something about the image of glass really resonated with me. It can be both strong and fragile. It is varied and beautiful. It also shatters and can be melted down to form something new.

I’ve shifted my Dragons’ Trust series books to be under the name K.C. Glass and all my new work will be published under that name. Thank you for reading and being part of my story.